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4 Reasons Graphic Design is Great for Business

When you’re trying to market your business’s products and services, graphic design plays as large a role as any. Eye-catching images, vivid colors, and provoking messages can stick in the mind of the consumer, causing them to remember your business when the time comes when they need a certain product or service.

Here are 4 perks of incorporating quality graphic design on your website!


1. Graphic Design Enhances Brand Image

Have you ever landed on a webpage that just didn’t have a clean design?

If you have, chances are you didn’t buy what they were selling. That’s because quality design can make the difference between a brand that converts prospects to buyers and one that doesn’t.

A clean logo. An aesthetically pleasing website. A colorful company brochure. These things are all staples of the most memorable brands today. A talented designer has the ability to capture your brand’s voice from a visual perspective.

For example, just look at Apple. The central focus of their product line is simplicity and usability.

The design on their packaging, content, website, and logo all reflect these values and portray a simple yet clean image that is highly brandable. I mean, it doesn’t get much simpler than and apple!


2. Graphic Design Engages Website Visitors

Graphic design is also a great way to engage your website visitors, leading to more leads and sales. This is especially evident on the landing page of your website.

For example, you’ve probably seen some horrible landing pages over the years – long paragraphs of text, questionable color schemes, unhelpful graphics. If these elements are done wrong, your customers are more likely to navigate away from your site to check out your competitors.

However, if your graphic designer nails these elements, you will experience significant improvements in your conversion rates!

When creating a design for your site, not only does your graphic designer need an artistic side, but they also need to have an understanding of the elements that influence prospects to convert to customers.

In a lot of ways, graphic design is a science rather than an art. For instance, some colors are actually proven to be more effective for converting prospects to customers compared to others. Graphic designers need to be aware of factors like this one and others and account for them in their design.


3. Graphic Design Makes your Brand Memorable

If a graphic designer does their job right, you won’t need to use a single word to describe your brand. Logos are a great example of this.

Just take a look at Macdonald’s or Facebook.

The second you see that golden arch or that blue square, you know exactly which brand you’re dealing with.


4. Quality Graphic Design Looks Professional 

Last but certainly not least, graphic design can help improve how professional your business looks. If you have a logo that looks like it was made in a paint program, people will find it difficult to take you seriously.

But can you blame them?

If you don’t take the time to develop a professional logo or other branding design considerations for your business, people may assume that you don’t care about the details.

And when they assume you don’t care about the details, they will likely try and find someone else who does.



While it can take many hours of practice, a well of knowledge exists online that can teach you how to incorporate aesthetic design elements on your website. However, sometimes it’s easier to just let someone else take the wheel. Oil City Web has a team of talented graphic designers that have been bringing brands of all types to life for years. Contact them today to learn how to get started!

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