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4 Things ALL Great Brands Have in Common

Apple. Facebook. Amazon. Coca Cola. Macdonalds.

Have you ever wondered how some of the most popular brands are able to stay ahead of competitors year after year?

While they all possess excellent management teams and airtight business models, perhaps one thing stands out more than the rest – their branding. Whether it be an emotion jerking slogan like “Open Happiness” or the visually captivating effect of the golden arches reaching high into the sky, branding can hold an enormous amount of power over consumers. Here are 4 things that all great brands have in common. 


1. They Connect on an Emotional Level

It’s not enough anymore to just explain the features of your products and services to consumers and hope they bite.

With the increasingly competitive business landscape, you need to connect with your prospects on an emotional level if you want them to exchange their hard-earned dollars for your services.

If you do this, they will be all the more likely to remember your business.

For example, take a look at this commercial from Budweiser that aired during the Superbowl:



Notice how they didn’t even mention beer once? Actually, there wasn’t even a single word spoken in this entire commercial. Instead, they use imagery and emotion to tell a story about a puppy on a farm before cutting to the Budweiser logo at the end.

They leverage the emotions felt by prospects as they watched the commercial to shine a positive light on their brand once the logo appears on the screen at the end.

In psychology, this is known as the principle of association. Because you’re likely to have positive memories about the puppy, Budweiser attempts to link these emotions to their beer.


2. They Have Brilliant Design Teams

All great brands also have a fantastic team of designers ready to jump into action and create the visual elements required to captivate an audience.

For example, Apple uses stunning graphic design to give off the impression that their products are easy to use before you’ve even opened the box!

When trying to make your brand memorable, design is an essential component of your website, packaging, logo, advertising, and more. When not taken seriously, poor design can be even more damaging to your business than bad PR.

However, when used properly, quality design has the ability to significantly improve your brand’s image and, in turn, grow your sales potential.


3. They Do it Differently

Every great brand brings their own unique flair to the business world.

For example, Macdonald’s completely revolutionalized the restaurant scene by creating an assembly line to produce its food. Not only did this increase their efficiency and profits, but it also provided customers with faster service.

Similarly, Amazon broke boundaries of their own by becoming the largest provider of products in the world while owning no physical stores.

Uber? They provide a service that gets people where they need to be in their city for an affordable price. They don’t even own any of the vehicles!

The point is, some of the best brands are well recognized because of their ability to push boundaries and step outside the box.

In the words of Steve Jobs and Apple, don’t be scared to think different!


4. They Have Iconic Slogans

The power of a slogan cannot be understated. It’s the phrase or saying that tells the world what you’re all about in 3 seconds or less.

Great slogans are the product of imagination and understanding your business’s values. For example, Walmart’s main value is providing customers with affordable products to improve the quality of their lives.

Their slogan?

Save money. Live better.

Can you see how their entire value system is captured in just four words?


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