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8 Different Types of Marketing Emails

You’ve probably heard that email marketing is one of (if not the) best ways to market your business. In fact, I believe that’s something we’ve said on this blog before. But to someone who has never run their own email marketing campaign, the process can be extremely confusing.

For example, several different types of email marketing campaigns exist, so how do you know which ones should be used for which purposes?

That’s exactly what we’ll clear up in the content of this post!

Here are 8 different types of email marketing campaigns and what they’re used for:


1. Content Announcements

Content announcements notify those who have signed up for your email list that they can expect fresh content in the near future.

These types of emails can be compared to something like a trailer for a new movie, giving readers a sneak peek that entices them to check out the content when it is released.


2. Newsletters

Some people enjoy keeping up-to-date with the goings-on of your company. For this reason, email newsletters are used to keep them in the loop. These emails can share a number of important updates like management changes, new products or services, or even upcoming events!


3. Welcome Emails

This type of email is used in an attempt to initiate a relationship with the customer. Usually, welcome emails are sent out after someone signs up for something. This could be an email list, subscription, free tool, or a number of other sign-ups.

These types of emails help to “humanize” the business-customer relationship and start a dialogue between the two.


4. Product Launches

A product launch email sequence usually involves three stages:

Pre-launch – This stage is where you begin to generate excitement for the new product or service you’re planning to offer.

Launch – During this stage, you make a grand announcement telling the world your new product is live.

Post-launch – after your product is live, continue to send out emails that play on the novelty aspect of a new product. Here, depending on your product or service, you can also create an element of scarcity that will encourage people to buy. For example, if you have a product with limited stock available, you can send out emails with the subject line: “Act Fast – Limited Inventory!”


5. Seasonal Campaigns

Depending on your business, the time of year can have a HUGE impact on how effective your marketing campaigns can be. For example, if you run a business that sells seeds for growing a garden, you’re going to want to send out an aggressive email marketing campaign just prior to spring when everyone plants their garden.

Even if your business isn’t seasonal itself, you can still use email marketing to leverage the seasons to grow your sales. For example, you’ve probably noticed your inbox is much fuller during the Christmas holiday season.

Harness the excitement of days like Black Friday or Boxing day, and you’ll likely see positive results.


6. Promotional Sequences

This kind of email can be used for a number of reasons. For example, you can initiate a promotional sequence before a public event, a product launch, an announcement, or any other upcoming development to do with your business.

These types of emails often include a count down, something like – “Just 4 Days Left!!”


7. Purchase Follow-Ups

Purchase follow-ups are a great way to show your customers that you truly care about the experience they have with you.

In these types of emails, you can offer advice on how to use the product or service as well as other recommended complementary products that they might enjoy.


8. Social Media Invites

Growing your social following can have huge benefits for the reach of your brand. If your customers have shown that they have been willing to engage with you in the past, consider sending them an invite to follow you on various social media platforms.

Of course, in order to make this action worth their while, you should be producing regular content that they’ll actually find helpful or entertaining.


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