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Need to rank higher in Google?

Search engine optimization services help bring your website to the top of the search engine results page so you can reach more searchers than ever before. The goal of an SEO investment is better rankings that bring increased website traffic, which provides more leads and ultimately more conversions.

Our SEO services are results-based with guaranteed results. Yes, we said guaranteed.

Here are some factors that help improve your search engine rankings:


  • Site speed
  • Technical structure
  • Content
  • User-experience
  • Design
  • Link building


Why Invest in SEO?

There are many reasons to invest in SEO, includiung:


  • Over 90% of online experiences start with a search engine
  • Inbound leads are cheaper than outbound such as cold calling or print
  • Online customer acquisition costs are far lower than offline acquisition costs
  • Over 95% of consumers in North America trust a search engine result over any other referral source, including word of mouth


SEO Pricing

SEO services are typically performed on a monthly basis, starting around $2,500/month. We also provide one-time SEO audits and SEO-by-the-hour for companies that have an internal web team but need a little SEO guidance.


SEO is Hard

Getting visitors to find your business online is hard work. Given ever-growing competition and never-ending noise online, it’s getting harder than ever to get noticed by online audiences. Moreover, search engines are always changing and it can take weeks — even months — to see results. As one of the most experienced SEO companies in Edmonton, we separate the myths from the facts, and execute SEO campaigns that have been proven to work for hundreds of websites before you. Contact us to review some case studies and see some of the top-ranking websites we perform SEO services for — and talk about how we got them there.


Did You Know?


  • 73% of searches result in a store visit or online inquiry within 1 day
  • Organic SEO acquisition costs are, on average, cheaper than PPC
  • 61% of marketers today say improving SEO is a top priority


Our SEO Services Are Full-Scope

We don’t just specialize in one area of SEO — our SEO capabilities are full-scope, including:


  • Local rankings
  • Hyper-local rankings
  • National SEO focus
  • High-volume and competitive keyword rankings
  • Long-tail and niche keyword rankings
  • High value citations and backlinks

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